Bible Challenge


  1. I’ve really been blessed real good the devotionals are life changing.uche nora

  2. omega says:

    its really cool i appreciate. please introduce more bibical games

  3. MeL Scribe/Megan says:

    Now it only stops at Galatians in Round 3… :S

  4. starjia says:


  5. José Santos says:

    Hi! I’m working on two websites; one of them is for “word of life Chile” (my country) and the other for the church where I belonged when I was a child (now I’m member in another church) It’s possible to get the source code of this game for translating it to Spanish? Please, any information about it would be really apreciated, a version in Spanish could be a blessing for us too.
    Thanks! (José –

  6. kassandra says:

    thank God for all His inspiring words for us,,!!!

  7. Bharathi ramola says:

    wow…. this game seems to be simple and easy but its very interesting.
    Thank you JESUS ..

  8. Jorick Sacatani says:

    Helps you to learn more about the WORD or what the people call THE TRUTH! Interesting for a youth like me.

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