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RBC Ministries Youth Ministry Initiative, or YMI, seeks to reach young people internationally with the purpose of:

  1. Challenging youth who have aspirations to reach other young people with God’s Word through various mediums such as music, literature, graphics, etc. We invite all Christian youth to an opportunity to become content creators.
  2. Encouraging youth to be content distributors of God’s Word through these various mediums to other youth. If what you read has been a help to you, we know that you want to share it with other youth.

Our first Youth Ministry Initiative effort is this site that you either stumbled upon or heard about. Seeing that in this day and age, most youth are tech savvy, we have made reaching YOU and other youth through the Internet as a start.

In this site, YOU would be able to find devotionals such as Our Daily Bread (ODB) and Our Daily Journey (ODJ) and articles, which we hope helps you in your walk with God. But, we don’t want you to just be a passive reader of ymiblogging. We hope YOU will participate by sharing, contributing or responding at our site so that youth all around the world can learn and grow from your contribution too!

If you have something you want to share to other youth at our site, we like to help you hone your talent. For example, YOU will be able to receive tips at our site, on writing and improving your photographic skills. We are glad to have Christians who are professionals in some of these fields offering such help. Be sure to seek them out on ymiblogging. (See Writer’s Guidelines)

Well, we hope you understand by now, our heartbeat for this blog; that God’s Word, through YOU, will be shared to many more youth. So, come on board with us in making the wisdom from the Bible understandable and available to youth all over the world.

Ever wondered how to donate to YMI? Find out more here.

Welcome to YMIblogging.org!


  1. Melanie says:

    It’s amazing how the discrete outreaches RBC is doing spreads blessings more quickly than influenza. I usually write my prayers in my blog and very personal thoughts, thinking that no one really reads my blog. but infact, a lot of my friends subscribes to and reads my blog. I hope sharing the ymi articles on my blog will inspire many of my classmates to Christ. Many of my classmates subscribe to the ODB

    • salomi says:

      hai melanie
      i haveloggedon ymi 4 the first time . iam getrting daily bread regularly .i want to know how did you get saved. i would like to share my experiences and comments with you

      • pray says:

        Hi Salomi

        When you believe in Jesus Christ and He is Saviour and Lord. Through Jesus you are saved. And when you hear what Jesus teaches, understands and do in ur life. Don’t give up because it may be easy for others but not for some. I hope I am giving you the right direction.

  2. Olajide Elizabeth says:

    T’was an amazing experience for me, the first day a friend sent me the ODB daily reading and since then have been subscribing to the ODB because its like my breakfast, without me reading it for a day, i cant just get off from my bed. Thanks a million you guys are doing a wonderful job, and i pray that God will renew your strength.

  3. Temmie says:

    We are never really abandoned by God even though we may feel that way.

  4. Chidinma says:

    I have being blessed through ODB. l want to appreciate you all for a work well done. l get my copy of ODB on time. thanks and God bless you all.

  5. Michael says:

    RBC is doing a great work in my life.striving to attain perfection daily

  6. Michael Alabi says:

    RBC Ministries has been a way of making God’s WORD freely available for men. May the abounding Grace of GOD help and uphold you all.

  7. Chimartins says:

    God’s work must be done and people must return to God. The work of RBC is no vain towards this aim. God is just doing things for His glory… So good

  8. Michael Alabi says:

    The Satisfaction of the Thirsts of the heart,the desire of mind,and the longing of the Soul is found ONLY in CHRIST JESUS! The world can give you NOTHING! Why not Surrender your life to JESUS-He that can satisfy you all.

  9. Neisha Mclennon says:

    I’m truly happy to have found this site. My mom gets her monthly copy of (ODB) n today this site jus jump out at me, I’ve never noticed it all these years. In a time of despair YMI enters my life, I jus want to give God thank 4 his continuing love, his grace n mercies towards me. I want to have a sense of purpose in this christian faith, thx YMI for this opportunity

  10. Faith-Lois says:

    I’m super happy I can read what other young christians think. I think its a great privilege knowing Christ-God! For me Christianity is not a religion, it’s as real to me as my heart beats.

  11. Malar Harris says:

    I am very happy to read “Our Daily Bread” because as I read God speaks to me and his words uplifts me when I’m down.It tells me the truth of life and insists the importance of walking closer with God. I know that God is definitely working with millions of people through RBC ministries.Praise God! I pray that God should bless this ministry and that many more people should come closer to God. Thanks for the YMI blogging also.This will bring changes in young people in an amazing way.

  12. Miracle-Eunice says:

    Its wonderful to share thoughts in line with Gods with you guys!

  13. Daniel Okwa says:

    I was surfing the net for devotional site when i came across ODB and ever since, it has been a source of inspiration to me as my day is never made without studying it words exhaltation which combine real life experience backed by bible verses.

  14. Fanan Biem says:

    Ever since I subscribed to ODB, its been awesome all the way. It changed me from a passive christian to a practising christian.

  15. arms says:

    i am making songs.. but dont know how to produce.. anyone know?

  16. Anu asaoye says:

    I want 2 b a member

  17. Elisha says:

    Its good to see, the succession generation rising, for we with not relent, as a people defind by God, that carry the burden 4 the nations.

  18. Sibusiso Sodo-South Africa says:

    Our Daily Journey is awesome!! =) has helped me in times when really down and needed re assurance…read it every time before sleeping. am thankful. hope it helps others also in need

  19. Thomas Otuneme says:

    I just got this site and it’s an amazing one.

  20. Hammedwole Yemi says:

    i feel like being part of something great but the road to it is a road of sacrifice.Some of this require negleting our love one’s.But when these sacrifices are made,are we going to be accepted in the shepard fold?

  21. Chris says:

    Its my first time to visit this site and i feel blessed already. The youth have a voice n thanks to this initiative this is heard world over.

  22. Benson kurithia says:

    I can attest that God answers our prayers even better than we asked him. My fellow youth believe in the power of prayer.

  23. Akintewe Eunice. says:

    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said several years back dat the internet will be the medium for church growth. I see dat vission come 2ru because the youths are the future of the church.

  24. Emily Oona says:

    Lets tell our friends about this site. I ve been blessed by it

  25. Sharon Mutono says:

    Wow!this stuff is amazing!i wonder if there’s a way to get all the believers in the world to join

  26. Abel says:

    As in the bible is written that in the last time the lord will pour its spirit over
    all men,he is in deed doing.And getting the youth is the one that needs attention
    more so i really appreciate your motives guys.May God bless You all.

  27. Udeagha says:

    ODB has been a blessing to my heart. Oh Lord! I thank you for this vision.

  28. Eugene Chua says:

    We are called as Christians to watch the times n know the generation. thru this simple blogging platform, many Christian youths are united in one heart for God’s word to reach our generation. its really amazing n i am encouraged by the ministry. keeping u in prayer.

  29. ivankonga says:

    wonderful opportunity to share the word of God.Youths what about the difference between “the rapture” and “the second coming of jesus” only according to the scriptures and which is the church of christ awaiting?plz discuss?

  30. Wenhui says:

    Hi! Have been a fan of YMIblogging, ODJ and ODB for some time. Very helpful for me, especially since I used to serve in a Christian organisation. Hope that doesn’t count as plagarism though! :P
    Have been thinking of doing some blogging TAWG and was wondering, is there any need to be a approved blogger in your site? If so, what criteria is there? Thanks!

  31. Wenhui says:

    Oops! I din see the part about age… :P
    Seems I may be too old to blog in this site. Paisei…

  32. Emma iraya. says:

    Its so good 2 c youths workn 4 God.

  33. Calvary greeting, i just want appriciate God 4 d wisdom embeded in u brethrens, i pray 4 more anointin in your lives. Shalom

  34. Dammy says:

    God bless RBC. Nothing makes me happier than meeting young people with a passion 4 God. For everyone who has even attempted checking this site,i pray 4 a new dimension of experience with God.

  35. Faith-Lois says:

    I’ve missed surfing this blog! Its good to be back.

  36. Christa Azalia says:

    Does this site got other translation?
    I would like my friend to be blessed too.
    But english is too hard for them

  37. Alvin Tinio says:

    hi, i just visited this site because i have just saw it on the back cover of my new issue of daily bread… it is really good to know that this kind of site exist… i will definitely enjoy this one…

  38. Thomas Otuneme says:

    I just want to tell my fellow youth to serve God in their youth, the harvest is plenty but the labourers are so few, the whole world awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. Let’s do what needs to be done and be watchful.

  39. Faith kibuswa says:

    I love this site. God bless u all:-)

  40. Jemimah yabidu says:

    Wow, this site is simply wonderful! I look forward to making new friends, sharing my thoughts and getting spiritual inspiration and insight from you all.

  41. Adah Makokha says:

    ODB has been a source of inspiration 2me since i was in high school.Now im 21 and in campus n i stil read it.At times when i feel that im at the lowest point in my life,i read the short stories and verses found in the booklet.There i find all the encouragement and reassurance that God loves me and wil neva 4sake me no matter the circumstances.

  42. Alalade adesola says:

    Thank God i finally find a place i belong

  43. Thomas otuneme says:

    When your are on the cliff of a mountain and about to fall, do not be affraid because two things a bound to happen. It is either God catches you when you fall, or HE teaches you to fly. Be strong in the LORD and pray for me.

    • Kazuno says:

      i’ve never heard that version of smmihy smmihy ya and it is freakin awesome. there’s only one album i’ve ever heard of his and it was his greatest hits. But, the best song off of it was the remix version of mariah carry’s fantasy. it’s real fun

  44. Oluwafemi Ademujimi says:

    Good day ymi! Hw ru doin. I like ur book of our daily bread. Pls send into email our daily bread. Thanx

  45. AJIBIYE, Samuel says:


  46. Kevin says:

    Hi there

    I’m not in the “youth” age group. I’m already 43 this year, but I would like to share my personal experience. I used to go to Sunday School when I was a kid, then I stopped. For 30 years, I didn’t go to church until something bad happened to me. Two months back, I told mom that I wanted to follow her to church once more.

    I’ve been attending church services regularly now, and each time I entered the church sanctuary, I felt a sense of calmness and protection. I also started reading the Daily Bread each day, they’ve been really inspiring and kept me sane each night when I’m alone.

    I hope that I’ll meet more brothers and sisters in Christ through YMI, but then, they’re all youths. Nevertheless, I do hope this sharing experience benefits all visitors to this blog. :)

    God Bless You all.

    • pohfang says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your sharing. I’m glad that you are going back to church again, and that you’ve found Our Daily Bread (ODB) helpful in your daily devotion. For your information, you could also share your ODB devotional thoughts on Our Daily Bread Facebook app.

    • MohawkGirl says:

      Hey Kevin,
      It is just great to know you’re in church. It doesn’t matter how long it took only I’m sure the angels in heaven are shouting with great joy for you. I pray you stay strong as ever in God and seek Him even through rough times. You can always count on Him to be there. God Bless!!

  47. emerson says:

    Hello! I just clicked somewhere and saw your site. I just want to greet you and encourage you to continue this ministry you had been started. All things you have done will be rewarded by our God. God Bless you all.

  48. Hannah says:

    I feel lucky to be here.God is with all of us.

  49. MohawkGirl says:

    I’m scrolling down the comments endlessly. It’s uplifting to know this. Stay strong in the Lord brothers and sisters!

  50. Adams joseph says:

    God bless odb and all its staff this is a good oppotunity for christian youth

  51. Bernard says:

    Hello and Praise The Lord,
    that was wonderful,I am a regular reader of Our Daily Bread,and I found your site a real blessing.I found your ymiblogging card in one of your envelopes posted to me a long time back which made me check out your site.
    I can now get my little girl whose 13yrs old to spend at least 30 minutes on your site everyday during her holidays,and I know shes going to be blessed everyday.
    God Bless to all at ymiblogging.

  52. Linda Grace says:

    Dear ymiblogging,you have been a heaven sent blessing to my life. I’m able to meditate on God’s word daily and i’ve grown spiritually.thanks to ymiblogging and to all who make it possible. i truly treasure it .

    • YMIblogging says:

      Linda, you’re very sweet! We are grateful for all your prayers and kind words. But without Him, we’d be nothing! So all praise and honour to our Lord Almighty! :) Have a blessed day :)

  53. Gail says:

    Because i have a busy schedule, it’s so cool to have a youth Christian site I can visit anytime. When I feel down and out and in need of spiritual healing, its beautiful to see people inspiring and uplifting one and other here. God be with you YMI!!

  54. John Melody says:

    You have the app for iOS . what about android ?

  55. Deenesh says:

    Your iPhone app is not working correctly. For the ODB and OJD it’s constantly switching and not displaying the latest versions if either.

  56. Nishan says:


    You should think ok developing an android app for YMIblogging :)

  57. youth4God says:

    How??? I want to be a membberr

  58. ymiblogging says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in! Can you share with us your name and country you’re from so we can add you to our email subscription list to be updated with the latest happenings at YMI:) ?

    Keep sharing your comments and feedback with us!

    Best regards
    YMI team

  59. Sarah says:

    Is there an expected time for the Android App?

  60. ymiblogging says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for asking!
    An Android app launcher will be available really soon :) We will announce the good news when it’s ready.

    Best regards
    YMI Team

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