ODB: No More Struggles

January 25, 2011 

Heaven’s delights will far outweigh earth’s difficulties.


READ: Revelation 21:1-4 

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. —Revelation 21:4 

Fay Weldon went through what she thought was a near-death experience in 2006 when an allergic reaction stopped her heart. She retold her experience to Elizabeth Grice of the London Daily Telegraph. She said that a “terrible creature” tried to pull her through pearly gates, while doctors tried to pull her back. Later, she said, “If that was dying, I don’t want to do it again.” It’s “just more of the same. More struggle.”

Often the process of dying is a struggle. But death itself need not be feared by the believer in Christ—for it will bring us to heaven. In Revelation, John gives a wonderful description of what eternity with God will be like (21:1-4). He sees the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven. The city of Jerusalem was a physical sign of the people of God and was described as the place where God dwells (Ps. 76:2). The New Jerusalem, on the other hand, will not be made by human hands. It will be a place where God lives with His people eternally, and it will be a place of “no more”—no more pain, sorrow, and sickness.

We don’t know very much about eternity, but we do know that for the Christian, whatever our emotional and physical struggles are now, they will cease then. Life with God will be better by far.

— Marvin Williams

Source: Our Daily Bread

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  1. Danny Lim says:

    Looking at the beauty of this earth truly amazes me for we know that our creator the almighty God is so awesome with its creation. I like driving along coastal roads as trees and mountain view along the roads seems so beautiful and pleasing to look at. Beaches are a haven to me, it’s just so awesome that whenever I am there for a holiday it truly breaks my heart when it’s time to depart.
    The thought of parting from this world is so hard to accept as we know that we will be parting with our loved ones and everything that we had and owned.But as children of God, we already know that life is just a journey for us on this earth..We are here on a God’s arranged journey and of course as we travel around there are bound to be obstacles along our path..We were given this once in a lifetime experience on earth to also witnessed the beauty of God’s creation.
    I am so glad that God had promised us a place in His Kingdom to those who believed in Him as we are just citizens of this earth but our commonwealth is in Heaven with our creator. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, remember that whatever happens in life, don’t give up..Fight the good fight, finished the race, keep our faith for we know one day that as we depart from this earth, Heaven is waiting for us..to those who are tired and weary, God promised to give us rest, no more pain and struggling in this restless world…remember our loved ones and friends too, I’m sure they will be the immediate people that we hope to be with one day after departing from planet earth.
    God bless

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